Survey Coordinating Group

AY2023-24 Members:

  • Leticia Bode (Professor, Communication, Culture, and Technology)
  • H. Carrie Chen (Associate Dean of Assessment and Educational Scholarship and Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine)
  • Ming Li (Sr. Statistical Analyst, Office of Assessment & Decision Support)
  • Christian Lolk (Evaluation and Research Coordinator, Office of Assessment & Decision Support)
  • Haya Jalal (Graduate Student, Master of Arts in Learning, Design, and Technology, CNDLS)
  • Liza Moore (Senior Assessment and Learning Analytics Data Scientist, CNDLS)
  • Rebecca Ryan (Associate Professor, Psychology)
  • Emily Satterthwaite (Professor of Law, Georgetown Law Center)

Group Charge:

Functions: The Survey Coordinating Group’s functions shall include:

  1. Reviewing survey requests, including evaluation of research/recruitment plans, survey instruments, and related IRB documentation; each review includes one 30-minute committee meeting to discuss the application and to identify outstanding questions.
  2. Evaluating and making decisions on each application based on the recommendations provided to the Survey Coordinating Group by OADS staff regarding the merits of the survey application, the appropriateness and construction of the survey instrument, the timing of the survey, and strategies for ensuring a statistically valid sample.
  3. Discussing and expressing its views on matters of interest related to survey research at Georgetown.
  4. Making recommendations to faculty and administrators concerning improvements or modifications to the University Survey Policy.
  5. Disseminating information about the Survey Coordinating Group’s activities to the campus community.

Composition:  The Survey Coordinating Group will have nine initial members, at least four of whom are tenure-line or FTNTL faculty. One of the faculty members will be appointed by the Faculty Senate, and the remaining faculty members will include at least one representative from each of the Georgetown campuses—Main Campus, Medical Center, and Law Center.

  1. Faculty members will be appointed to a one-year term, renewable.
  2. Non-faculty members will include three administrative staff who have expertise in survey research and are appointed by the Associate Vice President of Institutional Data Analytics in consultation with the Office of the Provost, as well as two students (undergraduate and/or graduate/professional) selected by the Committee from recommendations made by program directors and department chairs.
  3. The Survey Coordinating Group may appoint other members as needed, who may be Georgetown faculty or administrators.