Frequently Asked Questions

No. We do not evaluate courses with only three or fewer students enrolled, internships, labs, recitations or independent studies. Nor do we evaluate courses taught in certain departments. Also, teaching assistants are not evaluated as part of this process. Finally, instructors may choose not to have their course evaluated. If you are concerned about whether or not you are assigned to complete evaluations for a specific course, check the emails sent from OADS, or the listings in BLUE throughout the evaluation period.

Additional questions can be submitted in the BLUE system for your survey. You are limited to five questions per class.

BLUE will allow department admins to change the course evaluation start and end dates within the course evaluation range. Further information on this will be provided to department admins before the launch of Summer 2022 course evaluations.

All instructors will be evaluated on one survey. Students will be provided with independent evaluation questions for each instructor within the survey for that course.

If the guest lecture is an affiliate of the university, then the guest lecture can be added to the system of record and receive an evaluation. Please contact your department’s administrator on steps to proceed with this process or email with the Full Name(s), NetID(s), and GUID(s) (8 digit number on the bottom of the GU ID card).

No, however once you submit your grades your quantitative and qualitative results for that specific section that you submitted grades for will be available in BLUE.

Previous course evaluation data will be available in BLUE starting in September 2022. For copies of any reports, you can also request them from OADS by emailing

Students and specific department administrators will have access to quantitative results.  The BLUE system which houses the qualitative results are only viewable to you. Results can only be provided to anyone other than these individuals with the written consent of the Provost, Deans or individual faculty members.

Only active and current students in a course may complete an evaluation survey for that course.