Frequently Asked Questions

Every semester after grades have been submitted results are uploaded up in Box for each department. If you are new to the role of reviewing evaluation results for your department, please contact

If the guest lecture is an affiliate of the university, then the guest lecture can be added to the system of record and receive an evaluation. Please email with the Full Name(s), NetID(s), and GUID(s) (8 digit number on the bottom of the GU ID card). 

If you have a faculty member that needs to be on a course, but not evaluated, place that faculty member at one percent. After this task has been completed, email to inform the BLUE administrator.

BLUE can be used with the following browsers for both PC and Mac:

Mozilla Firefox 
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

While BLUE may run in other browsers, it has only been tested on the browsers listed above.

Results from course evaluations are used throughout the university for many essential purposes. Faculty use evaluation results to edit teaching style, course materials and course structure. Departments and Deans use results in decisions regarding rank, tenure and promotion of faculty as well as program design and class offerings. Students use evaluation results during pre-registration and add/drop in selecting courses and instructors for the future or current semester.

Faculty must meet the following criteria:

1. They prepare the syllabus

2. They teach the course

3. They enter grades

4. They receive course evaluations