The Office of Assessment and Decision Support (OADS) was established in 2011, bringing together and expanding upon the functions of the former Office of Planning and Institutional Research with additional analytical and assessment-related elements to strengthen the connection between assessment of student learning and institutional assessment.

OADS continues to develop the capacity for advanced data analytics with the goal of applying more rigorous methods and statistical models to help decision-makers understand the likely impacts of their decisions.

As our portfolio and mission continues to evolve to support the University, we remain dedicating to ensuring the quality of our analytical product. OADS has a responsibility to advocate for the right data systems, methods, and communication tools that will tell a more complete story and enable decision makers to better respond to stakeholder needs. Read more about our core values.


  • Extensive experience with the myriad sources of Georgetown University data and how to access and combine those data in meaningful ways.
  • Analytic expertise in statistical modeling, survey research, assessment, program evaluation, and data mining.
  • Technical capabilities in database management and development, reporting tool creation, and data modeling.
  • Familiarity with and access to data on peer institutions and the broader higher education context via participation in data sharing consortia.

Our Team

Please feel free to contact us individually to discuss your projects or data needs. You can also reach our office by emailing oads@georgetown.edu.

As Associate Vice President, Drew leads the Office of Assessment and Decision Support (OADS) and provides strategic coordination in data collection, analysis, institutional research and assessment in support of University planning and continuous improvement of educational programs.

Drew has over 13 years of experience using data and strategic analysis in higher education settings. Before coming to Georgetown, Drew was the Executive Director of the Initiative for Data-Driven Social Science at Princeton University. He also helped launch an internal analytics consulting group, IDEAS for Higher Ed, to facilitate innovative uses of administrative data that help to answer questions of high operational value to Princeton University while also advancing academic research. Prior to his work at Princeton, Drew spent seven years at the City University of New York (CUNY), where he conceived and established an office dedicated to integrated research, program evaluation, and data management for college access, academic support, and workforce programs across New York City.

Drew earned his Ph.D. in Higher and Postsecondary Education at New York University and a M.A. in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences from Columbia University. Drew’s research has appeared in several publications, including Research in Higher Education and New Directions for Higher Education, and he is currently a fellow at NYU’s Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy.

Contact: drew.allen@georgetown.edu | 202.687.6272

Lu Hao joined the Office of Assessment and Decision Support in 2014. As the Assistant Director of Institutional Research and Senior Analyst for OADS, she manages institutional data reporting to government agencies and higher-education associations. Lu also works on a variety of projects involving survey research and statistical analysis. 

Lu graduated from Georgetown University with an M.S. in Mathematics & Statistics and an M.A. in Communications.

Contact: lu.hao@georgetown.edu | 202.687.8312

Audrey Khoo joined OADS in May 2015 as a Senior Data/Business Intelligence Analyst. Before starting at OADS, she worked over two decades as an application web developer in DC Metro area with fourteen years within Georgetown University’ Department of Human Resources, where she helped streamline business workflow and reporting processes on diverse platforms. Audrey has a strong interest in knowledge graph systems that are focused on ontologies to support information extraction and provide insights to better understand the connections within a data set. In summer 2020, she received her professional certification from Neo4j Graph Academy and serves as a member of the Neo4j Educator Program. After hours, she enjoys developing a graphical (network) visualization front-end to access knowledge graph stored in Neo4j graph database server.  Audrey has an M.S. in Applied Science and Engineering from the University of Rochester.

Contact: audrey.khoo@georgetown.edu | 202.687.1150

Matthew Leitao is a Graduate Student Assistant with OADS working in data and analysis of institutional outcomes. Outside of this department, he is currently working on his Ph.D. in the Psychology/Public Policy Departments studying the impact of technology on wellbeing. Matthew’s interest lies in institutional outcomes for students and exploring how to provide undergraduate and graduate students a positive, equitable, and productive experience while studying at Georgetown. Matthew has previous experience working with institutional research at his previous university, California State University at Northridge, where he earned his Master’s in Experimental Psychology. His areas of expertise are data management, data visualization, and quantitative statistical analysis.

Ming joined OADS in August 2015 as Senior Statistical Analyst after receiving a PhD degree in Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation from the University of Maryland. In her current role, she supervises projects involving the use of research methodologies and advanced statistical techniques for the University’s data-driven decision making and strategic planning. She also takes the lead on
predictive analytics for student enrollment and survey research methodology and data analysis.

Before joining OADS, Ming had taught in higher education and conducted research on methodological issues in statistical analysis and applied research on K-12 educational assessments. Ming’s research interests include:

-Predictive analytics in higher education
-Classification accuracy in mixture models
-Growth mixture models used for individual prediction
-The use of Item Response Theory (IRT) in survey instrument development
-Application of Structural Equation Modeling in higher education research

Outside of her work, Ming enjoys playing piano and cooking.

Contact: ml1584@georgetown.edu

Shannon Mooney is a Senior Data Scientist, Learning and Education, a position that spans both OADS and the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship. She also teaches and advises students in the Masters in Learning Design and Technology program and has previously taught in the Department of Linguistics and at the University of Toronto. She holds a PhD from Georgetown in Linguistics and Cognitive Science (2020) and received an NSF grant to fund her dissertation research investigating peer social influences on dialect learning in a racially and socioeconomically diverse public school setting (BCS-1729018 Child Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Variation). She also holds an MA in Linguistics from the University of Toronto (2012) and a BA in Anthropology and Linguistics from New York University (2011). She has a forthcoming article in the Journal of Child Language on substantive bias in child artificial language learning (Do and Mooney 2021) as well as a forthcoming article in the Journal of Centers for Teaching and Learning on taking a social network analytic approach to disseminating pedagogical knowledge to faculty (Debelius and Mooney 2021).

Contact: shannon.mooney@georgetown.edu

Thanh Tran joined Georgetown in 2019 and is an Institutional Research Analyst for OADS. He is an expert of Quickbase, the Georgetown Main Campus’ budgeting and financial planning system, and has been maintaining the data integrity, as well as assisting users with functionalities. As part of the OADS team, Thanh supports the institutional planning and reporting for the University, while also performing analyses and delivering insights (e.g., on Budget and Actuals, Admissions, Enrollment/Tuition Management, Union negotiations, etc.) using a variety of analytic tools, especially R (tidyverse). He loves efficiency and always looks to automate and enhance processes to improve workflow of the University.

Thanh graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in Mathematics and Psychology, along with a minor in Japanese. At Bowdoin, he worked at the Office of Institutional Research, Analytics & Consulting for three years, gaining invaluable insights into the world of institutional research. He consistently strives to build on the mathematical foundation and to advocate for data analytics in higher education.

Contact: thanh.tran@georgetown.edu | 202.687.3417

Key Collaborators

Jackie Schlipp is the lead data analyst within the Provost’s Office of Academic Appointments. She is responsible for the coordination and execution of GU faculty internal reporting requests for the Office of Main Campus Faculty Affairs, the Office of Assessment and Decision Support, and in support of leadership across main campus. In addition, she oversees the ongoing design and development of more efficient business processes to improve the operations of the faculty affairs team. She also provides direct appointment oversight and support to the McDonough School of Business.

Jackie has been at Georgetown University since 2012. Before coming to GU, she worked as a Staff Accountant for payroll and an HRIS Analyst for HR at Chico’s FAS, Inc. in Fort Myers, FL. She earned a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Central Florida.

Contact: jc2338@georgetown.edu | 202.687.0704