Request Administrative Data

Aggregated and/or record-level administrative data can be requested by offices within Georgetown to support internal decision making and administrative analyses. Before making a request, please review data already available online.

Email us ( with your request, using the following questions as your guide:

  1. What data would you like to obtain (e.g. admissions, enrollment, degree completions, appointments, titles), and for which population(s) (e.g. undergraduate students, graduate/professional students, faculty, staff)?
  2. What is the purpose and intended outcome of the request?
  3. Who, specifically, will the information be shared with?
  4. Will any resulting analyses be shared outside of Georgetown (i.e., is it intended for public consumption)?
  5. What is the time table?
  6. Do you foresee this becoming an annual/semi-annual request that we can build into our calendar?