Submitting Your Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are part of Georgetown University’s commitment of excellence of teaching and learning. The evaluations provide useful feedback which faculty and schools use to improve the quality of instruction. Each instructor receives a compilation of the anonymous responses and comments to use in evaluating their own teaching and planning future courses. Faculty do not have access to the course evaluation data until all grades are submitted university wide.

To inform and remind students to complete their course evaluations, email announcements are sent once the course evaluation period has begun. Student will receive a reminder email until all course evaluations are completed or the evaluation period ends. Students that audit a course, including Senior Auditors, will not be included in the course evaluation process.

For the Fall and Spring semesters, course evaluations are set up to have a ten day window for students to complete their evaluations and will end prior to the start of exams. Summer evaluations are set with a six day window to allow students to complete their course evaluation.