Evaluation Process & Policies

Evaluation Process

Online evaluations are made available approximately a week before the end of classes, and remain open through study days, and close prior to the first day of final exams. However, some faculty may choose to limit the availability of their course evaluations, so students should reach out to their professors to determine when evaluations will be available for their courses.

Once the survey becomes available, the students will receive automatic email reminders listing the courses for which they still have pending evaluations. These emails will contain a link to the BLUE website, where students can log in using their NetID and password. Courses with pending evaluations will appear on the home screen once the student logs in. Students that audit a course, including senior auditors, will not be included in the course evaluation process.

Students may edit their responses until the survey closes, even if responses have been submitted. However, once evaluations are closed it is no longer possible for students to complete, submit, or edit their responses.

Evaluation Policies

  • The online evaluations are anonymous.
  • Faculty do not receive any evaluation results until after all grades have been submitted for each course.
  • The evaluation survey will close before final exams begin and before grades for the semester become available to students.
  • Faculty never receive any information about which students submitted which responses. Also, faculty will not be able to determine who completed their evaluations and who did not. Note: faculty members are, however, able to view the overall response rate of their courses throughout the evaluation period.
  • Course evaluations are optional. For information on how to opt out of evaluations, reach out to eval-admin@georgetown.edu.
The Office of Assessment & Decision Support (OADS) does not, by default, evaluate the following types of sections:
  • Sections with only three or fewer students enrolled
  • Internships, labs, recitations, tutorials, thesis research or independent studies
  • International courses
  • Teaching assistants who are not assigned to the course directly by the department

Courses included in the above categories can be evaluated by OADS if requested by the faculty or department responsible for the course. To have such courses included for evaluation, faculty and department administrators must contact us at eval-admin@georgetown.edu at the beginning of each semester.